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Autonomous Systems
  Developing the technology of the future  
Autonomous fleets
ATOM Fleet for maintanance and guarding
ATOM is the next generation terrestrial robot that can be used in cities or in off-road conditions to secure places, identify abnormal conditions of the environment, observe and alert the authorities when specific conditions are met. With the purpose of being multirole, ATOM robots are designed in a modular structure. An individual ATOM can be used for advanced security and defence missions in smart cities.

  Rent Surveillance for Smart City   
UAV fleets
UAV surveillance, package delivery and emergency response

My UAVs are higly autonomous and posess visual-inertial navigation capabilities. They can be used for executing preprogrammed high level missions, while all the low-level decision making processes are automated. These UAV fleets can collaborate with humans with the purpose of reaching specific goals: finding objects in the search space, alerting humans of unexpected behavior of the environment or simply delivering packages at long distances in real time.

  Smart aerial applications   
Intelligence gathering
Aerophotography and Mapping
I can created UAS for power line inspection, filmmaking and mapping.  If needed I could add sensor modules to these systems, such as multispectral sensors and thermal cameras for border protection.

  Surveilla ce for Smart City   
Creating the robotic future

Whatever your needs, I may have a robotic system that suits you, or I can create a new solution just for you.

Find your solution at Oneci Robotics, the place where next generation robots come to life.
The technology evolves fast, and so do my solutions. Get in touch with me today or contact my robots tommorow.

Oneci Aerospace
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